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Selling Your LandToday’s piece will focus on our undertakings as an investment firm. ‘We Buy Houses Fast Houston’ is a real estate company that purchases properties all over the country. We’ve been players in the property industry for eons, and hence, can efficiently evaluate every individual property one by one so that we can figure out a competitive cash offer for all our clients.

Even though we have set up shops across the country, a couple of states, counties, and subdivisions have peeked our interest. Below is a list of the areas we’ve over the past few years purchased land:


If you’re a resident here and you’ve been pondering how to go about the sale of your property, you’re in luck. We might be that potential buyer you’ve been waiting for all along with a perfect offer. It won’t be our first time purchasing land in Colorado because we’ve been operational in the state for many years. Colorado boasts of many tourist attractions such as natural sceneries, streams, lakes, tall mountain peaks, and rivers. Something most people ignore is the fact that half of the state constitutes of flat land that’s on the eastern portion. The unique topography, location, and not to forget the reasonable land prices in Colorado have drawn our attention to specific counties.

Counties and subdivisions where we buy land include:

  • Costilla County: It’s one county that has a massive number of land parcels which are affordable to anyone looking to one day own property.
  • Sangre De Cristo Ranches SDCR: At this point, we can just call ourselves the locals in this subdivision. We’ve been operating here for years due to the ready market. Approximately, 7000 properties exist here making this one of the largest subdivisions in our country. It’s not only large, but also different judging from the flat lots that lack vegetation on the valley floor, and the wooden upper elevation properties.
  • Rio Grande Ranches: We’ve invested in this subdivision as well even though it doesn’t offer much taking into account the five-acre land properties found on the valley floor.
  • Forbes Park: It’s yet another county where our firm has bought parcels land in Colorado. The subdivision has similar property offers to those of Sangre De Cristo Ranches.

We’ve also noted that there are numerous property and building restrictions here that make it challenging to persuade buyers who wish for liberation when using the land.

These are just but a few subdivisions we’ve invested in when we talk about the state of Colorado. Others include the Teller County, Colorado Mountain Estates, and Cripple Creek.


We’re also heavily investing in this part of the country thanks to its large portions of land. We’ve bought properties all over this state, but our focus has been in particular arrears such as:

  • Hudspeth County: The land subdivisions in this area have larger acreage ranches. Plus, most places are underdeveloped and mostly desert. If you take for example the Sunset Ranch, it has properties the size of 20 acres, but inaccessible due to bad roads.
  • Brewster County: Properties found in this county are more or less like those in the areas of west Texas. In this area, we have invested in the Trilingual Ranch that has properties ranging from 5 to 20 acres.

These are just a few examples of the areas we’ve infiltrated across the country. You might be interested to know we are also present in Oregon, and California.

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  1. I don’t have any land to sell, but I am desperately seeking land to buy! I am looking for something in Rockwall County TX, or Hunt County TX. Please let me know if you have anything.

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