Understanding How To Sell My Texas Land

When selling vacant land in Texas, you want to do things differently because you can use the same tactics that you applied when selling a home in Houston, Texas. First off, you need to find a way to get your property in front of the right people. Think outside the box. Don’t focus on what single-family home sellers are doing. Search deep and cast a wider but much different net. The following are a few of the things that I followed on how to sell my Texas land:

Who are the buyers in Texas?

It’s easy with a residential property because buyers can be found anywhere. You really don’t have to hassle hard to find someone who’s looking to buy a duplex or triplex in Texas. But land sales are a tad bit different. You first have to ask yourself, what kind of people are actively looking to invest in vacant land in Texas?

You’ll quickly realize that in most cases, most of the people who invest in this property are future homeowners, cash investors, home builders, and developers. Marketing to each one of them will obviously be different. A future homeowner will focus on the location and other physical attributes of the property while a cash investor will focus on the numbers. To get it in front of the right audience, you’ll have to network with real estate developers around the areas and attend business events.

Compare listing with a direct sale

Visit the Multiple Listing Service and look at what’s currently available. Is the platform full of homes or vacant land? More importantly, how long have they been listed? This information will be crucial in the sale as it will give you a rough idea of what your vacant land can potentially sell for. Should you decide to work with an agent, you’ll have to factor in the fees, commissions, and marketing costs. There’s also the option of working with our company. A direct sale has so many benefits, like receiving great prices and closing in a matter of days.

Ask the neighbors

You can never know who’s really looking to buy vacant land in Texas. Heck, it might be your neighbor. So talk to them first and find out if they are open to expanding their property. oftentimes, landowners in Texas yearn for opportunities like this. They could even decide to use the land to build a retirement home and rent it out until they are ready to move in.

Don’t work with realtors who only deal with homes

If you choose to work with an agent, make sure they specialize in selling vacant land and not homes. A vacant land broker will have large network prospective buyers. Most of the time you’ll find them working with investors who love utilizing their services. So pick a professional who already has the knowledge and not someone who might just wing it and hope for the best.

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