The Cost Of Selling My Vacant Land In Texas

What comes to mind when you talk about selling my vacant land in Texas? You’re obviously thinking about ways of handing over the title deed and getting a check in return, right? Well, that makes sense but selling land is more than just that. People normally think that it’s mostly about the offer the buyers are willing to make to the seller. However, that not always the case and you’ll get to learn all about it today, in this blog post.

Are you selling land in Texas? Then you’re going to have to make a budget big enough to cater for all the expenses that you’ll likely incur during the selling process. As a land seller in Texas, you get to pay first, even before the buyer makes an offer. First off, you have to find out what the property’s potential is. And to do that, you’ll need to enlist the services of a site surveyor, a geologist, or a site analyst. So this is the first cost that you get to incur.

Secondly, you’ll need a professional who knows how to navigate the real estate market in Houston, Texas. that’s where a broker or real estate agent comes in. They won’t guarantee you a sale, but will try to help you find the right buyer for my land in Texas. You’ll probably have to deal with additional expenses while selling using a real estate agent. There’s the advertising cost, the marketing fee, the agent’s fee, and much more.

A seller selling land in Texas with the help of a real estate agent will find a buyer after months. That means that they’ll have to incur the holding costs which include the taxes, bills, mortgage, and insurance.

Do you think it all ends there? Well, you can’t be more wrong. After finding the right buyer, you’ll have to hire a title company, lawyer, and other professionals to help you complete the paperwork. And even after the paperwork is done you get to pay off whatever’s left with the mortgage debt before you finally receive the sale’s proceeds.

The final cost is the real estate agent’s commission. This typically comes out of the Texas land seller’s pockets. By the way, it normally accounts for 6 percent of the final sale price, so yes; it’s actually a lot of money.

So if you were wondering how much the buyer pays the seller during the transaction, maybe you should take a beat and start calculating the much you’ll pay while selling my land in Texas. As a seller, you get to pay over and over again while the buyer or lender pays once.

But there’s an easy way out!

In the past, so many sellers had to endure the process because they had no other option to explore. However, things have changed a lot over the years. You can now sell my land in Texas to a cash investor or property investment company.

What makes our selling process different?

It’s different because no one will ask you to pay a dime while selling in Texas. You will not have to think about the marketing fees, the agent fees, or even the commission. All you have to do is to make that call and someone will be at your doorstep with an offer in hand.

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