Selling Your Land The Easy Way

No one has ever disputed the notion that selling vacant land is a process that has so many intricacies involved. Cognizant of this fact, many investment companies have been established over the past couple of years to help with selling your land the easy way. We are an example of such firms, and we have specialized investing in properties of any kind.

Why would you work with us?

There are so many reasons as to why you need to choose us when you’re looking for a right buyer. For instance, our investors will approach you with a free and no obligation cash offer for the land you’re selling. We believe at the end of any transaction both parties should always walk away smiling. Secondly, you won’t have to deal with the hassles involved in looking for a top real estate agent to list your property or deduct our sales proceeds through commissions or listing fees. Most of the times sellers usually complain of making losing after closing a deal because they have to settle other costs such as the closing, title, and escrow costs. If you sell to us, we will cater for all these expenses and hence help you to save more cash. Furthermore, if all that is not convincing, you’ll be pleased to know our route is the easiest and fastest since we close deals in a matter of weeks.

You ought to ask yourself several questions if you need to gauge whether it’s right or wrong to sell your land in Houston, Texas. These include:

  • Is your property still useful to you?
  • Do you wish to liquidate it?
  • Do you find annual tax obligations and dues irritating?
  • Don’t you know who to approach as a seller?
  • Are you seeking a fast and easy selling process?
  • Are you hoping your land doesn’t stay on the market for years?

How does selling your land the easy way work?

  1. We research the property: With the help of the information provided by our clients through the Sell My Land Form, we begin the review process. We will then decide what’s appropriate for you by examining comparable land properties in the area, county assessment information, and the recent local sales data.
  2. We Propose: This is the second stage of the process, and it involves making contact with our client with the intention of making an offer. At this point we have already established your property meets the buying criteria.
  3. We send you a contract: Once we have had a sit-down with you and agreed to the terms of the sale, we then prepare a simple purchase agreement. It’s a digital-signature platform so you can just get it through the internet, sign it, and email it back to us right away.
  4. We open escrow: Upon receiving the signed agreement, we start our title examination on the property. We have worked with reputable real estate attorneys, established title companies, and many other professionals, so your presence is not crucial for this process to run seamlessly. We will also arrange and pay all costs involved.

Immediately we establish there’s a definite title to the property we set up a second meeting so that we can close the deal. After the signed and notarized documents get back to our offices, the funds will get distributed, and you get paid!

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