Documents Needed When Selling My Land In Texas

Selling land in TexasWe’ve talked about selling land in Texas and we’ve talked about selling homes in Houston. But have we ever talked about some of the documents that are important when selling Land in Texas? Do you even know what those documents are?

When selling my land in Texas I had to make sure all my ducks were in a row because I knew if I slip up another seller would swoop in and steal my buyer. And boy oh boy, finding a Land buyer in Texas is not as easy as people tend to think. Being prepared when selling my Land in Texas made sure the transaction ran smoothly without any bumps. Let’s look at some of the documents that a seller needs when selling land in Texas.

Purchase agreement

It’s the document that you give to a buyer to sign after they’ve made you an offer. It makes sure that he or she goes through with the purchase as long as you take care of everything outlined in the contract. However, you shouldn’t think that this is a legal binding contract. If along the way you experience problems with the land title or the property, the buyer can still cancel the sale.

Disclosure documents

When selling land you need to disclose everything just as you would while selling a home in Houston, Texas. Just because it looks like some patch of dirt doesn’t mean that issues won’t pop up while selling. What if you find an oil tank buried underground? Or you just realized that the soil is not good for anyone looking to build homes. Of course, these are things that the buyer will eventually figure out after conducting their due diligence but it’s still the right thing to do.


We’re talking about that document that will finalize all the terms between you and the buyer. it includes the insurance information, financials, and much more. While processing this document, make sure you do so legally if you want to avoid legal issues down the road. Hire an attorney or real estate professional to help you.


The deed is the document that transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. It’s public information and usually filed with the county clerk. In the deed, you’ll find the seller’s and buyer’s names, basic description of the property, and your signature seeing as you’re the seller in this case. We have several types of deeds: the quitclaim deed, grant deed, and warrant deed. The office will keep a copy and give the other copy to the transferring party.

Closing statement

The document will only be important if the sale is financed. It will indicate both the buyer and seller’s debits and credits. By the way, sometimes people refer to this document as the HUD statement.

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